Investor Forum is the annual flagship event of New Ventures India, the premier platform for enterprise development and investor engagement in support of green enterprises across India. The 2013 edition is the eighth year of the Investor Forum. The New Ventures program was incubated as a part of the World Resources Institute (WRI), a leading global environmental think tank based in Washington DC – providing business development services to environmentally-focused small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets. New Ventures addresses the key barriers to “green” entrepreneurial growth by building in-country support networks for environmental enterprises and increasing their access to finance.

Investor Forum 2013

New Ventures India with financial support from the DOEN Foundation and in partnership with the World Resources Institute is working on a project that aims at strengthening entrepreneurs who are working in the area of clean energy access. The main aims of the project are:

  • Identifying, mentoring and showcasing the most promising clean energy entrepreneurs in India
  • Facilitating investment by working with entrepreneurs and investors. 

What do we mean by clean energy and water access?

Our definition of clean energy and water access is broad and definitely encompasses the following:

Individual household solutions

  • Lighting solutions.
  • Cooking solutions.
  • Drinking water solutions.
  • Energy efficient housing  

Community level solutions

  • Waste-to-energy solutions with a community focus.
  • Powering critical community-focused infrastructure such as schools, communication hubs and medical centers.
  • Biofuel solutions to power equipment and replace diesel.
  • Decentralized water treatment and supply solutions.

Enterprise level solutions

  • Diesel replacement solutions.
  • Powering micro and small enterprises using renewable energy.

New technological developments   

  • “Pay-as-you-go” technologies.
  • Technologies that reduce decentralized energy storage costs.

Agricultural solutions

  • Pumping solutions using renewable energy solutions.
  • Agriculture storage and post processing solutions.
  • Dairy storage and post processing solutions.

New Business model solutions  

  • Financial institutions developing a new mechanism for end user and trade finance for clean energy access.
  • Organizations developing a Village Level Entrepreneur network for clean energy access product and service distribution.
  • Organizations developing technology based solutions for marketing products which may include clean energy access products and services.

We know that there are thousands of interesting innovations happening in this field so we know the above list is indicative only. 

Who would benefit?

We are looking for companies that have already made progress in developing their business in India or who have developed innovative technology outside India and have established India partnerships.

We have a few limited slots for organizations in other South Asian countries in particular Nepal and Bangladesh.

How would you benefit?

In working with New Ventures you would have access to our tested and tried experience of helping organizations like yours to develop business plans and strategies.  In addition you would have access to specialized mentoring resources:

  • Our deep domain experience in environmental entrepreneurship and in particular in the area of clean energy and water access.
  • Our district wise mapping of key Indian states to identify clean energy access markets.
  • Our network of large corporate who are interested in working in this domain.
  • Our network of global environmental and impact investors.

New Ventures India has so far facilitated USD 45 million worth of investments into 24 portfolio companies including one IPO.

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About DOEN Foundation

Stichting DOEN, or the DOEN Foundation, was set up in 1991 by the Dutch Postcode Lottery. The DOEN Foundation’s aim is to build a green, socially-inclusive, and creative society by tapping into diverse entrepreneurs and organizations committed to this mission. DOEN supports the early efforts of entrepreneurs operating within two themes, Green and Inclusive Economy (e.g. Climate Change, Designing New Economy and Social Entrepreneurship) and Culture and Cohesion, by providing subsidies, loans, and/or equity investments. The foundation also helps connect pioneers with other parties and resources in its network. The DOEN Foundation funding comes from annual contributions received under long-term contracts from its founder, the Dutch Postcode Lottery, and the two other Dutch charity lotteries, the BankGiro lottery and the Friends Lottery.

The impact investing activities of DOEN Foundation total approximately USD 180 million and are concentrated in the areas of fair trade, renewable energy, social ventures, and micro, small, and medium enterprise financing. Portions of DOEN’s impact investments are carried out through its own investment fund, DOEN Participates BV. Investees in this fund include Tendris Holding, two green venture capital funds within Start Green, and Gray Ghost Social Ventures DOEN, a social venture fund that invests in transformative, scalable, and high impact, socially conscious business opportunities. DOEN is also an investor in ProCredit Group, a group of 21 microfinance banks; Progreso Fund, an agricultural trade finance facility; and several SME investment funds, such as Agora Ventures in Nicaragua and Business Partners International in Africa.